About Secret Beach

Far from the ordinary sunless tanning solutions, Secret Beach sunless tanning solution always delivers a beautiful, golden, natural look.  Our Secret Beach solution is formulated with skin enhancing ingredients to produce an odorless, even fading sunless spray tan that is always golden, never orange.

Our high end sunless tanning solution contains cornucopia of Super Fruit extracts with active antioxidant components and properties, natural and organic ingredients such as aloe, coffee, jojoba, green tea, red roobiose tea, and vitamin E, all to deliver a smooth, even and natural looking “be beautiful bare” spray tan.

The active ingredient in our sunless spray tanning solution is dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is derived from organic sugar beets and/or sugar cane.  DHA works with the skin’s amino acids and melanin, a lot like the natural sun does, but without the harmful UVA or UVB sun-rays.  The initial color that is seen on the skin immediately after the spray tan is called the bronzer, or in technical terms, the color guide.  The bronzer will wash off in the post-shower once the active ingredient, DHA, has fully developed with the skin, which takes up to 8 hours.

At Secret Beach, we’ve combined the DHA with some of the best natural and organic ingredients to deliver the best color possible.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

At Secret Beach, we’ve combined imported DHA from France with some of the best natural and organic ingredients to deliver the best color possible.

•  Aloe Barbadensis (skin soothing, healing) •  DHA (self tanning skin colorant) •  Acai Berry Extract (skin texture improvements, healing, repair, antioxidant) •  Goji Berry Extract (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, soothes, UV damage limiter) •  Blue Berry and Dark Chocolate Extracts (antioxidant, skin repair, healing) •  Indian Fig Extracts (antioxidant, acne reduction, oil regulation) •  Mandarin Orange Extract (refines skin, vitamin rich) •  Green and White Tea Extract (antioxidant, healing, soothing) •  Natural Organic Ingredients in every bottle •  Paraben and Gluten Free, Vegan



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